General Configuration Options

Specify the top-level installation directory. This is the recommended method to install the tools into a directory other than the default. The top-level installation directory defaults to /usr/local. For GUPC we recommend /usr/local/gupc. [default: /usr/local]
By default, GUPC will be built in three stages, where in the last stage the built compiler compiles itself. Bootstrapping is a useful method of verifying that the compiler is operational, but it takes three times as long to build the compiler. Specifying --disable-bootstrap reduces build time to 1/3 of the default build time. [default: enabled]
Primarily intended as an aid to developers, the checking switch enables various internal checks within the GUPC compiler. Compilations will be slower, but the checking can help catch bugs in the compiler’s internal logic. [default: disabled]
Build alternate library versions (e.g. 32-bit libraries on the 64-bit system). [default: enabled]
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